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Sofa Talks

Sofa Talks – the natural place for conversation

The sofa is the natural place for conversation. It’s where stories, thoughts, ideas, news, emotions, experiences, inspiration, skills and much more are shared. A social dynamo that everything in Furninova’s world revolves around. No matter who the spectators are, furniture retailers, suppliers, consumers, others in our network – but also ourselves. What drives the conversations is the feeling of passion, to surpass and be constantly evolving. Always with the sofa in focus. In our series of Sofa Talks interviews, we connect with people inside and outside of Furninova for them to tell their story. People with different expertise and experiences, but with one thing in common – they are all a part of Furninova’s successful journey. 

Benny Nilsson

Thomas Lundgren

Lenka Teilmann

Thomas Nordqvist